3. Decree No. 45/2013/ND-CP elaborating a number of the labor code on hours of work, hours of rest, occupational safety and occupational hygiene

 -   Overtime: Not exceed 50% working hours of a day (normal); or working time and over time do not exceed 12 hours per day (weekly). On public holiday, Tet holiday or weekend, overtime cannot exceed 12 hours per day.
-    Tet holiday:
   •    For 5 days off fully paid on Tet holiday, employer can schedule as following options:
       I.    01 final day of Lunar year and 4 first days of Lunar new year
      II.    02 final days of Lunar year and 3 first days of Lunar new year
Employer has to inform schedule of Tet holiday’s day off to employees prior at least 30 days