Resource for Candidates

Three do’s and three don’ts for resume writing

1. Use the two-column cover letter

Prepare your cover letter using two columns to show that you meet all requirements of the job.  In the left column, list the requirements.  In the right column, list your accomplishments and experiences to show that you meet all the requirements.  Make it easy for the HR to know that you are qualified for the job you are applying.  (If you don’t meet the requirements, don’t apply.)  


2. How to answer the most common question asked at a hiring interview

The most common question asked at a hiring interview is “Please tell me about yourself.”
  Best way to respond is to answer the following five questions:
         •    Who are you?
                -  (I am a mechanical engineer with 3 years experience)
         •    What have you done?
                - (I have worked for a construction company as a site engineer for one year and as a sales engineer for the last two years.)
         •    What are your achievements?
               -  (As a sales engineer I have won three contracts in my first year and met all my financial targets. In the second year, I won five major  contracts. As a site engineer I did not have much of any achievement other than meeting deadlines and safety standards.)
         •    What are your strengths?
              -    (I am particularly good at problem solving and getting things done on a tight deadline.)
         •    Where are you heading?
              -    (I love my sales engineer job and I want to build a career in sales because as I enjoy working with people as much as solving  technical problems.


3. How to qualify yourself for the second interview

To qualify for the second round of interview you must show the interviewer that you have met all his requirements by citing each of the requirements and show how you have met that requirement.  
   •    Example:  you are looking for a sales person with three years experience; I have four years of experience.  You want someone with knowledge of the chemical industry, I have a degree in Chemical engineering and have worked for two of the largest companies in the country. You said the candidate must have his own transport, I have my own car.  Sir, I think I have met all your requirements and therefore I hope to be invited to the next round of interviews..


4. What questions to ask at the hiring interview

Remember the candidate’s primary objective at the interview is to make the interviewer see that he has all the qualifications and experiences required for the job, and that he deserves to be hired.  For this purpose, the candidate should avoid pre-mature questions (such as about benefits, salaries and working conditions) and focus on questions that would allow him to show how well he is meeting all the requirements.  So the questions below may be asked giving the candidate the opportunity to offer personal examples
         •    What are some of the challenges or difficult tasks in the job?
         •    What are the technical requirements?
         •    What kind of people skills is required?


5.What to do and say at the end of the hiring interview

To leave a positive impression on the interviewer you can do the following:
       •    Summarize your achievements, experience and strengths and say how they meet the requirements of the job
       •    State that you feel you can make significant contributions to the company
       •    Say that you hope to receive a positive response soon with enthusiasm and a warm handshake.