Executive Search

Recruiting the right candidates and keeping them to grow the company’s business is not as easy as it seems. It is a process that requires experience and skills, accompanied by keen observation and precise judgment.

With our rapid performance module (RPM) we are able to quickly train our candidates to understand their role and responsibility so that they become productive in the shortest possible upon joining your company.

We believe our services can be delivered under the “Three Pillars”:


1.“Phases of Performance & Contribution” model

We will introduce the “Phases of Performance and Contribution” model (Phases model for short, TM by Next Phase Leadership, USA) and map your job-order in the model so that we can determine the candidate profile with the appropriate attitude, competencies and knowledge for the job.

Ongoing global research studying organizational performance and contribution over the past fifteen years by Next Phase Leadership has confirmed the following basic outcomes.


  • High-performing organizations create an intentional and manageable way of developing their people toward incremental and increasing contributions. In other words, successful companies—along with their people—go through “Phases” of performance and contribution.
  • Employees may go through four basic Phases of Contribution ™ in their careers in order to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Great organizations train, manage, reward and carefully create a balanced “mix” of contributors in each Phase in order to grow and maximize profitability.
  • All organizations have some employees in Phase 1 who are new to their roles, dependent on others to help them quickly “learn the ropes” and develop toward independence and trusted performance.
  • Most employees transition quickly (3-9 months) out of Phase 1 to become solid, valued, Phase 2 contributors defined by deep-technical expertise, narrow-tactical focus, and the valued intellectual horsepower to solve the most technically harrowing issues. These trusted team players daily fight the fires and independently drive solutions. These essential team players constitute the back-bone of most professional organizations and constitute about 85-90 percent of all employees. Unfortunately, a much smaller percentage of employees are in Phase 3. Unlike Phase 2 folks, Phase 3 contributors are actively aligned with and responsible for having broad business acumen; coordinating internal team and cross-functional activities; communicating up, down and throughout the organization; developing capability in others; planning the work of the team; translating strategic goals into integrated team/functional tactics; leading change initiatives; motivating those in the trenches; provide an occasional shoulder to “cry on” and generally “lead the charge” in getting complex, ambiguous, multifaceted projects off the ground, all-the-while assuring accountability and delivery of leveraged results through others!

2.Source and prepare candidates’ profile

We will source and prepare candidates for your hiring interview with their qualifications and experience formatted in the Phases model so that it is easy for you to determine their suitability for the job.

3.Guiding interview questions

We will provide guiding questions for your hiring interviews that would bring out the highlights of the candidates’ qualifications and experience consistent with the Phases model.