Our company values are based on the PERMA Model as developed by Professor Martin Seligman that describes how we want all our staffs and  stakeholders to develop a solid foundation for happy and flourishing lives, i.e. a Great Living




Positive Emotions

 Positive emotions that invoke enjoyment in our work! Enjoyment comes from being intellectually stimulated and looking for creative solutions. When we support our staffs to do something they enjoy or find interesting, they are able to persevere in the face of challenges, and spontaneously search for more creative solutions and opportunities



 We wish our staffs to become so absorbed in work that they completely lose sense of time or forget an appointment! Achieving this state of flow or total engagement is natural, especially when people are involved in activities they love and are good. But we do want appointments to be kept to schedule.



 Happiness and psychological health are inextricably linked with close, meaningful, and intimate relationships. Fleeting social relationships as well as longstanding ones with peers, siblings, parents, extended family and friends are all sources of positive emotions and support. We encourage our staffs to build strong relationships within their families, friends and business network.



 True happiness, according to the psychologist Rollo May, comes from creating and having meaning in life, rather than from the pursuit of pleasure and material wealth. Living a meaningful life is, in essence, related to attaching oneself to something larger than oneself. It instills the sense that there is a larger purpose to life, and being a part of it confers meaning. We wish to contribute back to the society in Vietnam especially in assisting people to find their career direction in life.



 Having explicit goals in life, even small ones like meeting new people for an hour everyday, and making efforts to achieve them are important to well-being and happiness. Achievement helps to build self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.  It also strengthens self-belief. We celebrate the achievements of our staffs but we tell them that the journey in reaching their goals is also important!