Workshop May 09 2013
A8R workshop attracts over 10 participants.
The Presenter shared best practice in How To Become An Appreciative Leader


On May 09 2012 A8 Resource held a workshop for Human Resources and Business managers. The event was held at the A8 Resource Office, Ho Chi Minh City. Over 10 business managers from a wide variety of industries attended.
The session led by Mr.AC Ho of A8 Resource explored the theory about Appreciative Leader and suggested practical ways to implement best practice ideas in the business environment, which is included:
    •    Appreciative mindset and the positive intent.
    •    Feed forward (not feedback) process.
    •    Tracking and fanning technique for bringing out positive change in self and others.
Participants from Advertising, FMCG and Travel companies shared their real world experience and discussed what worked and what did not work in their market.



Leadership Workshop Oct 15 2013

A8R held Leadership Workshop with Master of Public Administration Class at University of 
Economics, HCM City


On 15th Octorber 2013, A8 Resource conducted Leadership Workshop for junior level government officials. The event was held at University of Economics with topic DEVELOPING LEADSHIP COMPETENCE

Mr AC Ho of A8 Resource explored the leadership skills theory as well as held many activities for officals, and A8R had a successful Leadership Workshop in ISB 


2013-10-15 Leadership Workshop 08 2

   You can find photos for this event here