Mr Stewart Hoe is standing on the second row, second person from the right

Our founder, Mr Stewart Hoe, first visited Vietnam during a Singapore business mission in September 2009. He was excited with the energy of Vietnam’s large and young population but was puzzled by the skills gap between the employers and the local talent pool. He was moved by his passion to assist the local populace in finding suitable jobs and he established a 100% foreign-owned management consulting enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City, i.e. A8 Resource Co., Ltd. during November 2010.

A8 Resource subsequently extended its services into executive search during September 2011 as Mr Hoe wished to formally implement consulting solutions into this field where he felt our teams are able to facilitate the motto of “Great Career, Great Living” for all the people we assist.

This was a challenge as a skills gap is not easily fulfilled. Hence, Mr Hoe sought an alliance in January 2013 with Next Phase Leadership LLC in the United States to introduce a unique recruitment technology based on the Four Phases of Performance and Contribution©model.(www.NextPhaseLeadership.com)
As a result, we were able to implement a recruiting model to identify the Phase of Performance that our clients desire to hire and source out the suitable candidates for your interview.

In the next phase of the enterprise’s development, we had established a collaborative partnership in June 2013with D2C Branding Co. Ltd. in providing clients with branding, marketing and human resource services.
It is our founder’s fervent wish to provide practical-based services to enhance the skills of the local working population.

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As an extension into IndoChina, Mr Hoe started A8 Resource (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. based in Phnom Penh as part of his vision to replicate our human resource services into the region.